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Free module manages Manufacturers commission & Logos with notes.

Community Edition: 1.8, 1.8.1, 1.9, 1.9.1
Community Edition: 1.8, 1.8.1, 1.9, 1.9.1
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Manufacturers Commission Manager as name suggests admin can add commission to final price.

How extension works

  1. Add manufacturer
    Add manufacturer from Admin panel > Catalog menu > Attributes > Manage Attributes > Edit "Manufacturer" attribute > Click on "Manage Label / Options" tab at left side > Add / Edit here manufacturer
    Note: This attribute comes with default magento, but if this attribute does not exist, you need to create it with attribute code "manufacturer".
    Make sure this attribute is in your attribute set or place it inside your attribute set.
  2. Set manufacturer(s) commission
    Set manufacturer(s) commission from Admin panel > Manufactures menu > Manufactures List > You will find 2 test records installed there,
    Add / Edit record with fields like "Name = Select manufacturer from list added in 1st step", "Profit Type = Percentage / Fixed", "Profit Value = amount", set "Logo" & "Note" to be displayed on frontend view.
  3. Assign manufacturer to product(s)
    Go to Admin panel > Catalog menu > Manage Products > Add / Edit product > Find "Manufacturer" attribute > Select from dropdown & save product.
  4. Find commission calculation
    Go to Admin panel > Catalog menu > Manage Products > Find 3 columns added here named "Manufacturer", "Commission" & "Gross Price",
    Commission is added to Regular Price / Special Price which will become Final Price.
  5. Manufacturers List on frontend view
    There is link named "Manufacturers" added in Toplinks on header area,
    This page will display manufacturers list with Logo / Name with link which will redirect to associated products page.
  6. Manufacturers-Products List on frontend view
    Products will be displayed associated with manufacturer assigened by admin.
Module settings

Go to Admin panel > System menu > Configuration > Click on "Manufacturers Commission Manager" under title "PHXSOLUTION EXTENSIONS"
=> Enable / Disable entire extension
=> Set "No-Logo" which will display wherever manufacturer logo not uploaded
Note: Find all uploaded logos inside your magento root directory > media > manufactures > logos

Features of the extension

  • Admin can add Manufacturer Commission
  • Admin can set Manufacturer Logo
  • Admin can set Manufacturer Note
  • Manufacturers list will be displayed on frontend, if data available
  • Products filter by Manufacturer on frontend


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