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Show author detail on any post type at below or above the content (including page & post)
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Take look for all features.

  • You can prefix or sufix author detail on any post type (including page & post).
  • You can set theme for author info.
  • You can also add author detail at widget or content using shortcode.

Read about Shortcode: [wp-author-info theme="default" author_id="1"] has two arguments.

  • theme (optional) : set given theme for content otherwise take theme from settings
  • author_id (optional) : specified which author info is display wiht shortcode, if it blank or not pass then it display current user within wordpress loop.

Read about Setting fields.

  • Visiblity: Configure visibility of author detail on single page. There is three option:
    No: Hide author detail on single page
    Above: Show autho detail before content on single page
    Below: Show autho detail after content on single page.
  • Theme: Set look of author detail.There is two option:
    Default: Only show info without any style & color
    Box: Show author detail into box.


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